Natural Hormone Replacement

menopause andropauseHormone replacement therapy is a treatment option for a number of different physical problems, including menopause and osteoporosis. Although this field of treatment has been around for decades, it has significantly gained in popularity during recent years. Mainly this shift has come from a much better understanding of the intricate role that hormones play in an individual’s biological processes (not just reproduction), and how the age-related decrease in hormone levels affects our health.

When you visit Dr. Jao’s Brea, CA office for a hormone replacement therapy consultation, you will receive a full physical workup, to ensure that you are healthy enough to receive this treatment. Further, Dr. Jao will conduct a detailed analysis of your hormone levels to see the detailed adjustments that need to be made. Every patient is different, which makes it vital to create a custom hormone replacement therapy treatment plan; to bring your hormone levels back to optimal levels.

What Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Treat?

Hormone therapy is most often associated with conditions like menopause, premenstrual syndrome, peri or post menopause syndrome, osteoporosis, and andropause (male menopause). However, these are general conditions that are meant to describe a stage in a person’s life when levels of sex hormones begin to decrease drastically. Therefore, it’s also important to consider actual symptoms that can be treated with hormone replacement therapy.

Some of the most common complaints for patients who go through menopause or andropause have to do with their overall state of well being. Because of the drop in hormones, many begin experiencing excessive fatigue, unexplained muscle pain, migraines, depression, loss of interest in life, and a significant drop in sex drive. If these symptoms are determined to be caused by changes in hormone levels, hormone replacement therapy can reverse these trends and help you feel like yourself again.

How Is Natural Hormone Replacement Different?

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, it’s crucial to understand the difference between natural and synthetic hormones, because the type of hormones used will determine treatment effectiveness and side effects.

Dr. Jao prefers to treat patients only with natural hormones, because they provide better overall results and pose less health risks. Unlike synthetic hormones, natural hormone replacement therapy causes few side effects, because the hormones have the same chemical structure as those produced by the human body. Potential benefits of natural hormone therapy include:

  • Protection against heart disease and stroke
  • Reduced risk of endometrial cancer
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Prevention of osteoporosis and restoration of bone strength
  • Improved sleep and better mood, concentration, and memory
  • Improved libido

The combination of natural hormone therapy, nutritional supplementation, regular exercise, and a proper diet can slow down our biological aging clock and allow us to maintain a youthful, energetic and highly functioning lifestyle.

Testing Before Therapy

Dr. Jao conducts a number of tests before starting patients on hormone replacement therapy. One of the most common ones is the saliva test, which is a non-invasive way of assessing hormone status and the correct balancing needs of the patient.

The information gained from saliva allows Dr. Jao to design a hormone replacement plan tailored to your individual needs. Balancing these hormones is essential, as these chemicals control so many functions in your body. In addition to reproduction, hormones have a significant effect on your emotions, vascular health and many other physical processes. Bringing your hormones in line helps deliver the right messages to the right organs to keep your body and mind functioning more efficiently.

Please contact us for more information about your individualized hormone replacement therapy plan. Dr. Jao will help you face and overcome any challenges by using proper hormone replacement therapy levels for your individual health and well-being needs. Please call us at 714-930-1351, or fill out the Contact Form below for more information!

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