Why Get Xeomin?

botox xeomin

  • Procedure takes just 10 minutes
  • No anesthesia needed
  • Can be performed on your lunch break
  • Virtually no pain or discomfort (Dr. Jao uses numbing cream and tiny needles!)
  • Results last for up to 3-4 months
  • Your appearance will look natural (Dr. Jao has extensive experience making Xeomin injections correctly)


What Types of Wrinkles does Xeomin Treat?

Xeomin can treat wrinkles which are caused by muscle movements, such as:

  • FROWN LINES: Xeomin is FDA-approved to treat frown lines – those lines that appear between your eyebrows (also called glabellar lines). By relaxing the surrounding muscles with Xeomin, Dr. Jao can significantly reduce their appearance.
  • CROW’S FEET: These injections can also effectively treat crow’s feet, which form over the years, as the skin creases every time you smile or squint. Relaxing the muscles reduces appearance of crow’s feet.
  • FOREHEAD WRINKLES: In some cases, Xeomin can even be used to treat forehead wrinkles.

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Why Should I get Xeomin at Dr. Jao’s Brea Office?

Dr. Jao has deep experience with Xeomin injections. She approaches treatment with injectables and dermal fillers from the idea of sculpting the face to match your unique facial features. Here are just some of the steps she takes:

  1. Your injections will be performed by a doctor, not a nurse: Dr. Jao performs all treatments in her Brea, CA office herself!
  2. Your treatment will be personalized to your needs: Dr. Jao doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all solution.
  3. Your results will look natural: Dr. Jao will use her extensive experience selecting the best injection sites on the face.
  4. Your results will look balanced: Great care will be taken to diminish wrinkles in a way that corrects asymmetry, to create a balanced appearance in the face.


What do Dr. Jao’s Patients Have to Say?

“It looks so natural!”
“10 years younger!”
“It’s like you used an eraser on the wrinkles!”

These are just some of the words Dr. Jao’s patients have used to describe their appearance after getting Xeomin treatments in our Brea, CA office.

Will My Face Look Natural?

Yes! The “plastic” appearance occurs only when the medical provider is inexperienced and performs the procedure incorrectly, or too much Xeomin is injected.

Dr. Jao is highly experienced with Xeomin injections, and will perform your treatment herself! When she treats patients, she takes the time to:

  • Carefully assess your facial muscle structure to identify best injection sites
  • Study your wrinkle structure to determine the optimal amount of Xeomin
  • Focus on giving your face a balanced, natural appearance

Will I be Able to Make Facial Expressions?

botox xeominYes! Dr. Jao devotes a great deal of care to selecting the best injection sites on your face, to create natural results.

Xeomin prevents neurotransmitter activity, which relaxes the muscles. By selecting the right injection sites, only the right muscles (those responsible for the wrinkle) will be relaxed.

Our goal is to give you results that look so natural that no one can tell you’ve had work done! They’ll just notice your relaxed, more youthful appearance.

How Long Will the Results Last?

You’ll start to notice some results within one week, but the full benefit of the injections will show within 3 weeks of treatment.

The results will last for approximately 3-4 months, but in some cases can last as long as 6 months. We can also extend the longevity of Xeomin results with upkeep treatments.


Does it Hurt?

Dr. Jao uses a topical anesthetic cream before the injection, so the procedure is painless.
Get Natural Results!

If you’re looking for a medical practice in or near Brea that will give you personalized attention and create a treatment plan based on your needs, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Jao!

  • Your Xeomin treatment will be custom-tailored to your needs
  • We’ll take the time to answer all of your questions
  • We’ll study your facial and muscle structure to find the best injection sites
  • We’ll use our expertise to bring out your natural beauty

Set up your consultation today! Give us a call at 714-930-1351 or just fill out the Contact Form below!

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Before and after Xeomin injections

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