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Absolutely! I have started Hormone Therapy for almost a year now and it’s been incredible. It has increased sexual desire & also has had a youthful effect in my private area. I am no longer dry – I feel so much more youthful in that particular area. It has help me with mood, sleep pattern and sexual desire as well.

I have received 2 O-Shots! Incredible! The first woke up my inner sexuality feelings – but the second one has just added a whole other desire. I feel everything starting to reignite! It’s amazing! I feel sexual desire even before sex! I’ve already booked one more for the year. I will see where that takes me. I recommend doing at least 2 shots within 3 months. You will feel the difference!

Dr. Jao and her team are amazing! The best doctor & staff I have ever come across! Five stars!

I had meniscus surgery on my left knee seven years ago. The medical meniscus was macerated. It took me a while to get back on my feet.

About four years ago, someone told me about Dr. Kedy Jao and the PRP injections. I previously had both knees X-rayed with the MRI, the report showed arthritis and other things going on. I decided to give the PRP a try. I’m SO glad that I did. I did my right knee first, and after a few months, I didn’t have any more buring or pain in it and was able to start walking (for exercise) again.

Recently, my left knee swelled up and was hard for me to bend it or do much walking. I called Dr. Jao and was able to get in for a PRP injection. I discovered my lateral meniscus had a tear, more arthritis and a spur. She gave me the PRP injections three weeks ago.

I’m able to walk again, my range of motion is incredible and it feels fantastic. PRP has saved my active life! I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want a knee replacement.

I had a fantastic experience with the PRP in both knees. I had to have two rounds in each knee, but it has been approx. 2 years since my last procedure. Dr. Jao is the consummate professional, with a bedside manner second to none. I have shared with others, recommended others who have had good experiences as well. – Franchella Essley

Hi, my name is Maria and I wanted to share my experience on a stem cell procedure I had done at Dr. Jao’s office on my left hip in January 2013. The symptoms started slow. At first, I noticed a slight dull ache on my left hip area and then I also noticed it every once in a while in my left knee. At first, I thought it was due to exercising but when it starting getting worse, I went to Kaiser for x-rays. The specialist there confirmed it was arthritis and he said there was nothing I could do except take the usual supplements for joints. That it was part of aging. I accepted it for a “little while” but then it got to the point that I was starting to limp. If I sat for any length of time, when I stood up, I would have to wait a few seconds to be able to walk and then would limp for ten steps or so. The process would start all over again every time I stopped. I decided to go visit Dr. Jao because she is always on to the latest procedures to better service her patients. She also had me take x-rays and then we discussed my options. We decided on Stem Cell Therapy. I went into her office very early- she did liposuction to remove fat from my stomach. As she explained fat has more stem cells than blood. She also took blood. She then did her magic with my fat and blood and about 2 hours later injected a yellowish liquid into my hip. I immediately felt a soothing sensation. I went home with aftercare instructions. No exercise for about 4 weeks. I did have a slight set back in that I started running again and I hurt it. Dr. Jao said to stop and give my body time to heat. I did and have not felt any pain since. It has now been 6 years and my arthritis is but a distant memory. In thinking about what I went through, I would have paid double the amount for the quality of life I have now. – Maria

I am so pleased with the service provided by Dr. Jao and her friendly staff! After botox treatments, my face looks natural and refreshed, not “stiff” or “frozen.” I would highly recommend Dr. Jao’s cosmetic services, as well as the HRT help she provides! – S.K.

I have been with Dr. Jao for the last 14 years. Throughout this time, I have had many medical and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Jao is so kind and thorough with all the work she does. There are consultations first, where all the steps of the procedures and any questions are answered and given. During any procedure, she is professional and an expert at her job. I have had Botox, Radiesse and a C02 laser procedure. I was thrilled with the results of each. My face looked amazing. Follow-up is always done in a timely manner. I have never had any problems ever! I would highly recommend her to anyone, you will not be disappointed. – Review by Anonymous

You can’t find a better and more competent partner for your health!!! You can’t get any better a doc then with Dr. Jao. She is alternatively minded and will work with you as a partner for better overall health and wellness. I especially like the fact that she is open to other treatments and new research and, most importantly, is easy to talk to. Highly recommend! – Review by Anonymous

The most understanding and knowledgeable doctor I have had the pleasure of being a patient for years. Dr. Jao is the most caring and understanding Doctor I have ever meant. She is sincere and spot on her diagnosis and treatment and follow up. She makes her patients feel they are important. I have been a patient for over 25 years that alone should stand as my testimony for her. – Review by Theresa. W.

Great Dr. she has been my Dr. for the past 20 years. My experience has been excellent with Dr. Jao. – Review by R. H.

Excellent A1- Ten Star Doctor. Dr. Jao is the best! – Review by Jeanne R.

Great! Comfortable experience. Comfortable relaxing experience from time I walked in the office. – Review by Anonymous

Dr. Jao is the best. Dr. Jao is very good at explaining complex medical issues and is willing to take as much time and patience to discuss your particular medical issues. – Review by John M.

Good Experience. High energy very friendly Dr and staff. – Review by Bev T.

Wonderful! Love Doctor Jao and staff, I come a ways just to see her wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. – Review by G. M.

Great Doctor! Dr. Jao is always cheerful and informative! I always leave knowing what to do. – Review by Tami M.

Great experience. Very personable and makes me feel at home. Dr. Jao took great care of me again. She listened to my concerns and described our plan to deal with my issue. – Review by Art J.

Best medical care/ support! Love Dr. Jao. Professionalism at its finest! Exceptional care! – Review by Terry B.

Dr. Jao takes time to listen to your concerns. Works well with you to have the best health possible.Review by Jean Maddox

Dr. Jao is the best! Dr. Jao is the best doctor takes the time to listen and explains what’s going on and give you a treatment plan. 🙂 – Review by Sylvia B.

Dr. Jao is the Best! We drive 45 minutes to see Dr. Jao because she is absolutely the best and most knowledgeable doctor we have ever had. – Review by C. R.

Excellent I am very pleased with Dr. Jao’s diagnosis and the care of current problem. – Review by Kyoko K.

Provided facts and data to support the game plan going forward. Well done! Excellent As Always. – Review by Rick Stephens

Very attentive and informative. I have always been impressed with Dr. Jao’s level of professionalism and willingness to explain complicated information in a way that is understandable. I can’t imagine seeing any other doctor. She’s wonderful. – Review by Belen T.

Excellent. I have been seeing Dr. Jao for over 20 years and have always received the best of care. – Review by Bonnie M.

Thank you, Dr. Kedy Jao. It’s amazing to feel heard. Thank you. – Review by Nora L.

Excellent. Twenty years of excellent service. I drive 90 miles round trip to see her and will continue to do so as long as she is in practice. – Review by Kathleen E.

Love Dr. Jao. I have had a great experience with Dr. Jao shes very pleasant and helpful. The staff is great also. – Review by Charmaine C.

I love Dr. Jao. Dr. Jao spent the time to explain the treatment options and helped me choose the best treatment plan for my condition. I have been Dr. Jao”s patient since July 2015. I really appreciate the personal touch every treatment I have received. – Review by Lisha L.

Excellent Professional. Friendly and very professional and excellent bedside manner. – Review by D. R.

Best doctor around! Dr. Jao has been my physician for 20 years. She is old school. She has taken care of my entire family. I followed her to Brea because she is very caring. – Review by Alicia O.

Love her. It was a great visit. I love Dr. Jao and her willingness to spend time figuring out what is really going on. She is a great diagnostician. – Review by Madison G.

The best doctor in town! Dr Jao is the best! – Review by L. G.

Holistic, effective care with a supportive doctor and staff. Dr. Jao is thoughtful in her approach and willing to explore alternatives to prescribing. She is knowledgeable and careful, and an energetic, enthusiastic practitioner. Her staff is friendly and efficient. – Review by Lynne T.

Excellent! The best Doctor in OC! We’ve been with Dr. Jao for over 20 years and sometimes travel 2 hours for a visit. She has excellent bedside manners and accurately diagnoses problems easily and quickly. – Review by Adriana R.

Thorough and caring. She’s the best doctor I’ve ever had and our whole family has seen her for almost 20 years. – Review by Emily H.

Very thorough assessment of my illness. Listened to all of my concerns. Dr. Jao has always been willing to listen to all of my needs. She is willing to fit me into her schedule when I am really sick. I love her! – Review by Mary J. P.

Great doctor who really cares. Dr. Jao is a doctor who really cares about her patients. She never rushes you out of the office and always shows compassion with her patients. I’m really glad I found her. – Review by Francine E.

Wonderful Doctor and great office staff. Dr. Kedy Y. Jao has been my primary for almost 30 years and could not be happier. She is a wonderful doctor, so kind and giving of her time and attention. – Review by Marie G.

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