Telehealth allows you to discuss symptoms, medical issues, receive a diagnosis, learn about your treatment options, and get a prescription to be submitted electronically to your pharmacy.

Telehealth is very useful for simple issues and follow-up consultations. You can schedule a virtual consultation with Dr to discuss your symptoms. It’s typically a same day consultation.

It’s helpful for a variety of other health issues including psychotherapy and teledermatology, which offers consultations of moles, rashes, etc. Colds and flu, insect bites, sore throats, diarrhea, and pink eye are some other common issues addressed using telehealth.

We are also covering non-clinical events like appointment scheduling.

Telehealth doesn’t mean that you’ll never visit a doctor’s office again, but it does make care more accessible and affordable in some cases. In times like this COVID 19 pandemic, it can definitely help reduce the time you spend in traveling to and from the medical office and protect you from not leaving your home.

This telehealth option is the same coverage as an office visit except that we’re doing it virtually or remotely. If you have co-pay or deductible, we will still collect that and if you’re a cash patient, we are collecting the same amount.

For new patients, especially hormonal treatments, we require an in-office visit face to face with Dr Jao but we need to screen first if not currently sick or any contact with sick person recently.

Call our office today at (714) 930-1351 to schedule your telehealth visit!

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