Time Is Running Out on Summer Radiesse®️!

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We’ve been offering a great deal on the longer-lasting, more effective dermal filler known as Radiesse®️ all August long, and people are loving seeing their fine lines and wrinkles smooth out as new collagen is stimulated and skin rehydrates and plumps. But we know there are still more of you out there and we want to get you in on this deal before it’s over.

So, to refresh your memory, you can buy one syringe of Radiesse®️ and get a second syringe in the same appointment for 50% off!

If you’d prefer to mix things up, our second promotion option is: buy one syringe of Radiesse®️ and get 20 free units of Xeomin®️, a facial muscle relaxant similar to BOTOX Cosmetic®️ that gives you almost instant smoothing of crow’s feet, brow lines, and other fine lines and wrinkles.

You win either way! Book your appointment today.

*Minimum 30-unit treatment. 

Stay safe and healthy. Our office is open as usual, if you need some medical care, please call us.

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